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100,000+ employees representing 145 nationalities, striving to provide healthcare solutions in 170+ countries!

In India since 1956, we offer innovative solutions in preventive healthcare (vaccines) as well as in treatment for allergy, pain, diabetes, rare diseases, and other therapeutic areas.

Why join Sanofi?

"Here, when you reach out to your mentors for more challenging roles, they carve out a journey for you across roles, departments and geographies."

Media Release

Government of Goa and Sanofi India join hands

  • February 01 2019

The public-private partnership aims to reduce the diabetes burden through capacity building of healthcare personnel, and educating the next-gen adults.

Shantha Biotechnics’ Inactivated Polio Vaccine – ShanIPV™ prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • October 24, 2018

Our Inactivated Polio Vaccine - ShanIPV™ received prequalification status from the World Health Organization (WHO). This status qualifies ShanIPV™ vaccine for purchase by the United Nations’ agencies.

Sanofi India Limited to sell Ankleshwar site to Zentiva

  • September 11, 2019

Board of Directors approve slump sale and transfer of the manufacturing facility

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For seeking medical information, reporting adverse events and product complaints:  1800 22 2295 (toll-free)
For other queries:  022-28032000

For medical information:  medinfo.india@sanofi.com,  customercare.chc@sanofi.com (Consumer healthcare products)
For reporting adverse events:  PV.india@sanofi.com
For product complaints:  ptcindia@sanofi.com
For other queries:  Write here

Beware of Fraudsters

Beware of fraudsters who might intend to deceive you financially or otherwise by unauthorisedly using Sanofi’s name or logo and/or offering fake or counterfeit medicines; and/or by sharing fake apps, videos, games or other such assets. You are advised to immediately raise this before an appropriate cyber cell/police, should you face any such concern

Few ways to recognize this:

The video/app/photo/game you view is not hosted on an official Sanofi channel (like @IndiaSanofi on Facebook or @Sanofi on Instagram or @IndiaSanofi on Twitter or @Sanofi on LinkedIn)

The communication you may receive, appears unprofessional, containing poor grammar and/or typos

Emails or other communication is not sent from a Sanofi address (please note that legitimate emails end only with a

‘@sanofi.com’ extension and procurement of company products is only through authorized Sanofi distributor channels)

Inspite of a product shortage, if you are promised the product delivery at short notice, in exchange of an immediate online transfer or cash

If you have any such concern, please write to us through the above channel.

All consumers or patients are advised to contact their doctor or healthcare professional for advice on medicines or any health matters/medical emergencies.

You can email or call us between 9 AM and 5 PM on any working day (we are closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). Please select IVRS option 3 for reporting adverse events.