When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.

Saving water

In this time of severe climate and environmental changes, it is vital to have sustainable practices for the well-being of an organisation. We leverage innovation to continuously strive for the best in responsible manufacturing practices. This fact was proven by our Chemistry & Biotechnology Development Center (C&BD) in Ankleshwar, which innovated a new process to manufacture a drug Intermediate that will help save portable water.

Curbing environmental pollution

Environmental changes are thought to be the main factor in the rapid increase and worsening of allergic diseases. The root of each of these changes is essentially mankind’s disrespect and short-sightedness when it comes to taking from the environment.

Being at the forefront of fighting allergy, we are close to this issue and have taken measures to curb environmental pollution resulting from industrial manufacturing.

At our Ankleshwar manufacturing site, we have planted 500 trees that fight air pollutants. The site already has fully grown ~400 neem and several thousand other trees that absorb pollutants. In addition, our employees at Shantha Biotechnics manufacturing site have planted 25,000 saplings in the last 3 years.