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Science & Innovation
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Delivering innovative solutions as a health journey partner

At Sanofi, we focus on researching and developing therapies that improve patient health, especially when we target unmet medical needs. Every day, we strive to support you in your health journey by being innovative, inspired to discover and develop medicines, and by collaborating to bring better healthcare solutions.

Innovate - Empowering patient health
Inspire - Discovering and developing medicines for a healthier tomorrow
Collaborate - Partering to bring better healthcare solutions to pateints

The journey to a discovery

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Research & Development

“Science is our passion. Your health is our mission”
Your health journey partner – R&D Portfolio -  Therapeutic Areas
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Clinical Trial and Results
Learn more about how we verify and optimize the efficacy and safety of new medicines.


Partnering at every step of your journey, we are next to you – from birth through life – preventing diseases and reducing health-related risks, delivering some of the best healthcare solutions to manage diseases, and supporting you through integrated care to help you live life to its complete potential.

In India, our products are segregated into four categories:
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Consumer Healthcare
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