Treating pain, allergy, digestive and nutritional issues

Through the journey of life, we are by your side, partnering with you to manage health challenges.

Because your health starts with you, we are committed to providing self-care solutions that allow you to manage your personal well-being better. We leverage the best in science, together with our world-class pharmaceutical quality standards, to deliver innovative care for your well-being.


Pain is that unwanted guest you can’t get rid of. You feel it but can’t describe or measure it and often, can’t complain about it beyond a point because ‘Hey! It’s just pain after all!’ Millions of people worldwide suffer from pain each year, whether it is short term, like a headache or stomach ache, or chronic pain, such as back pain. You are no longer able to exercise, sleep, maintain relationships with friends and family, and maintain an independent lifestyle.

In India, for years, Sanofi has been largely recognized with its iconic brands in the pain category. With our extensive experience and strong heritage, if any one can understand what it feels like to go through pain, it is us.

Allergy Solutions

Allergic disorders can impair a person's ability to function and adversely impact the psychological well-being and quality of life. Think about a pilot with a sudden food allergy, or a teacher with chalk allergy or a child with allergy due to pollution! Imagine how these allergies could prevent them from leading an optimal life.

According to the World Allergy Organization, increasing indoor and outdoor pollution due to industrialization and changing biodiversity, coupled with sedentary lifestyles, are causing a surge in allergic diseases, especially among children in India. Exposure to pollution increases organ hyper-responsiveness and triggers episodes of allergies, resulting in serious respiratory disorders.


Our #ResolutionAgainstPollution is an awareness campaign to educate people on pollution-triggered allergies and share self-care advice for people suffering from these allergies. In 2017, we developed an action plan with over 10,000 doctors to fight pollution and reduce cases of allergies. Through our partnership with the National Association of Otolaryngologists & Pulmonologists and media, we created awareness that made a difference to millions of people in India. In addition, we planted 7,500 non-allergenic trees across the country.

Digestive Health

The gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain. The digestive system provides energy and fuel for the whole body, so when someone suffers from gastro intestinal disorders, their life is literally put on hold. Water sanitation remains an issue in a large part of India. Both children and adults continue to suffer from diarrhea and other lower gut health issues due to weak immunity of the gut system.


Across the world, 77% of people have used nutritionals in the last 12 months to maintain their general health, provide immune system support or to supplement in areas of vitamin deficiency.1

We are committed to providing innovative world-class products and services that help manage energy, stress, sleep and anxiety.

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