Ms. Suparna Pandhi

Independent Director

Ms. Suparna Pandhi has been an industry professional for over three decades with extensive experience in policy advocacy, corporate and government affairs, strategic planning and business advisory. Throughout her career she has worked extensively with stakeholders in government, industry and other institutions and agencies.

Currently as a part of The Cohen group she is enabling various multinational businesses with her strategic insights in diverse sectors such as healthcare, retail, energy, sustainability, technology and innovation, aerospace, infrastructure, chemicals etc.

Previously in her various roles at The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) such as Head of International and Head of Services, she supported Indian industry in their global growth plans. She has also facilitated Indian industry’s participation at multiple global forms such as Make in India shows, World Economic Forum at Davos, global media and entertainment events such as Cannes, Berlin and American film festivals and also curated many events to drive policy agenda across various sectors.

Given her rich experience of working with the multinationals on one hand and the Indian regulators and Industry forums on the other hand makes her a good candidate for the Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Board.