Organ donation is against my religion. Most major religions in India, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism, support organ donation as a selfless act of saving lives.
Organs are sold in the black market. Organ trafficking and illegal organ trade are criminal activities and strictly prohibited. Organ donation in India is regulated by laws that prioritize ethical and transparent processes to ensure fairness and prevent illegal activities.
Doctors won’t try to save me if I’m a registered organ donor. Medical professionals are bound by a strict code of ethics that prioritizes saving lives. Being a registered organ donor does not impact the quality of medical care you receive in an emergency.
My family can’t have a proper funeral if I donate organs. Organ donation procedures are respectful and do not interfere with traditional funeral rites. Organ retrieval is conducted with care, and the donor’s body is treated with respect and returned to the family for funeral arrangements.
I’m too old to donate organs. Age alone does not disqualify someone from organ donation. Organs from older donors can still save lives. The suitability of organs for transplantation is determined by medical professionals on a case-by-case basis.
It’s too complicated to register as an organ donor. Registering as an organ donor is a straightforward process. You can often do it online or through your driver’s license office. It typically involves filling out a form and indicating your intent to donate.
Organ donation leaves the donor’s family with financial burdens. Organ donation-related expenses are usually covered by the recipient’s medical insurance or government programs. Donors’ families are not financially burdened by the process.
Organs from living donors can’t be donated. Living organ donation, such as kidney or liver donation, is a common and life-saving practice. It allows individuals to donate a part of their organ to someone in need.


Organ donation can save countless lives and offer hope to those awaiting transplants.

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